The Best Body Building Supplement For Older Men

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As you age, you may lose a muscle tissue. This process is called Sarcopenia known as a disease that occurs due to weight bearing exercise deficiency. This is usually accompanied by lower testosterone and growth hormones. This is why body building is important for older men in order to cope up with this problem and as well as slow down the process while helping the body achieves significant energy and muscle mass.

Regular exercise and proper diet for older bodybuilders are slightly different from younger men. The main factor is the age and it does greatly affect the required training procedures. The bones become weak which usually hinder a person’s eagerness to engage in workouts such as weights, and even simple exercises. The other factors are energy, injuries and pain along joints.

Fitness industry has improved throughout the years and several body building machines and products have patented to make it easier for men to develop muscle mass. While technology provides huge assistance in fitness innovation, nothing beats the natural ways.

There are major causes why many older bodybuilders fail to achieve the nutritional integrity and bodybuilding success their body needs. Below we unveil these six items that we feel if eliminated will consistently provide significant improvement to your physical wellness as you age.


Besides having no nutritional value and the major causes of numerous serious health problems, and even death, alcohol beverages may also hamper Vitamin B from entering into your system. Studies show that alcohol can increase the level of good cholesterol making a person become susceptible to further alcoholism and dangerous diseases.


Smoking weakens the process of bringing enough oxygen to your body when you exercise. It does its job by increasing the carbon monoxide levels that joins the red blood cells. Because of this, the heart needs to work hard to provide the right amount of oxygen resulting oxygen starvation which later prevents it from functioning normally. Furthermore, cigarette smoking can cause coronary heart disease, lung cancer and worse, death.


Some bodybuilders believe that drinking coffee before a workout can boost muscular strength and endurance. Though there’s no proven fact about that claim, one thing is for sure; caffeine, which is its main ingredients, can result a person to become dependent upon it which in turn causes stress, anxiety, high blood pressure and heart palpitations.

Soft Drinks

Colas or any soft drinks contain caffeine and sugar (not unless they are sugar-free). Softdrinks such as soda and even diet ones can be a great contributor to obesity. Not only it includes hundreds on calories you don’t need, but also don’t help you nutritionally.


Again, tea has caffeine plus the theobromine which can reduce the absorption of mineral iron your body needs. Though there may be an exception such as green tea, other teas particularly with tannins and antioxidants might block vitamin B, Zinc and minerals.


This is the most favorite of them all. Chocolate contains fat and sugar; some holds a few milligrams of caffeine. Combining these chocolate components you consumed per month are what makes it a food you should avoid while you workout. But there are chocolate products that you should have worry less like dark chocolates. It’s important to read the labels before buying.


BONUS: Body building workout older men can do;

  1. Devote 20 minutes in cardio and body weight exercises.
  2. Take appropriate supplements to maintain your energy levels and rejuvenate your overall health.
  3. Do double repetitions in all of your exercises but don’t overstress your muscles to avoid injuries.
  4. Plan your workout regime and have a healthy diet so you can easily improve you muscles.

Here are some of the most popular supplements used by older men.


Testosterone Boosters


Most of the changes we do not really like about aging is linked to changes in testosterone levels. While there are things that actually get better with age, such as wine and cheese, men getting older is not always a great situation to be in in. There happens to be changes in muscle mass and even strength, which is usually linked to changes in testosterone.

  • Testosterone boosters are herbal supplements. This means they offer natural testosterone increase, and is not as harmful to the body as compared to other supplements that contain too much chemicals.
  • Testosterone boosters also help in building and strengthening muscles. While there are things about aging that simply cannot be countered, you can make aging work better for you with these boosters. Higher testosterone levels are linked to bigger muscles and faster recovery.
  • The best brands of testosterone boosters have decent levels of amino acids. Amino acids have been proven to be good for health and even our looks. Most beauty products also contain amino acids, which could be a great ingredient that is related to anti-aging as well.


Protein Supplements


  • Protein supplements usually come in powder form. Why in powder form you may ask. It is designed that way for better and faster absorption to the body. It is also commonly made into protein shakes.
  • They are used together with a proper diet, or as a supplement to increase protein intake. Protein is needed by our muscles to be in their best form. This is very essential for older men, since their muscles and endurance are usually the first ones affected by the dreaded aging process.
  • They could either be from plants or animals. This is to address the growing number of vegans and vegetarians. Anyone now is free to take protein supplements, since they are free to choose which one is best for them, usually according to their food source preference.
  • It is also known as dehydrated protein. Do not confuse yourself with the terms used to refer to protein supplements. Sometimes, they are even called just plain ‘protein’. Just remember that they are entirely different from amino acid supplements.




  • It has already proven itself to be effective, most especially to weight lifters. While it sure works, it is important to take note of the fact that creatine is most appropriate for high intensity training such as sprinting, baseball, and football. It is a type of amino acid that helps in weight training and other explosive activities as well.
  • Creatine is usually sold as flavored powders and then mixed with liquid. The amazing work it does to the human body is enabling it to rapidly produce energy. It could be a great thing for aging men who feel weaker and feel the need to be stronger.
  • It has earned a reputation of being a sports supplement. Even so, it could still be used sparingly to feel better even with the not so good attributes of aging.

Fortunately for the men of today, the medical society, as well as several research companies have done a great job in discovering natural supplements that could help them do well even in aging. We are no longer just left with chemically-loaded supplements that sometimes just do harm to our body instead of promoting health and wellness.

Aging is an inevitable part of life, and there is nothing we can do to prevent it. These supplements will help us age more gracefully, and still be happy despite all the changes we might have to experience because of it.

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